Flint Hill Cemetery Association

Cemetery Policies

FHCA maintains the policies shown below.  Trustees may change the policies at any time without notice.

1. Interment/Inurnment – All burials, including cremations, must be coordinated in advance with an officer of the Flint Hill Cemetery Association (FHCA). All graves, including cremations, will be opened by a licensed grave-digging provider identified by FHCA officers. Only human remains may be interred in the cemetery. The FHCA reserves the right to require payment in advance for grave opening fees.

2. Closed at Dusk – Flint Hill Cemetery is closed at dusk, every day.

3. Perpetual Care – Perpetual care comes with each lot and only includes ongoing mowing costs.   Maintenance beyond mowing is the responsibility of each lot owner or subsequent heir. Therefore, lot owners and their heirs are responsible for ordering and paying for maintenance actions including, but not limited to, tombstone repair, seeding/sodding lots and ant abatement. Lot owners are responsible for removing decaying flowers and decorations that are beyond their usefulness.

4. Markers and Plantings – Monuments, gravestones, and decorative plants are allowed with permission of the FHCA officers who will provide guidance for placement and plantings. Trees may not be planted unless explicitly approved by the officers of FHCA. Lot owners and their subsequent heirs are responsible for maintaining plantings on their respective lot(s) to ensure that the vegetation does not encroach upon (and cover up) tombstones, markers or walkways. The FHCA may remove, without prior notification to lot owners or their heirs, vegetation or trees that are deemed a threat to tombstones or the overall appeal of the cemetery, or that have been planted on lots not owned by the person that installed the vegetation or tree.

5. Decorations – Artificial or real flowers may be used at any time at Flint Hill Cemetery. Decorations such as bricks, concrete scalloped edging, figurines, marble chips, rocks, and gravel are prohibited, unless coordinated and approved by the FHCA officers. Cemetery Maintenance will remove wilted or faded flowers and decorations that do not meet cemetery standards. The Cemetery cannot guarantee the security of any decorations.

6. Marker/Monument Requirement – The Flint Hill Cemetery Association requires the placement of a permanent marker or monument within one year after burial, unless other arrangements are made with an officer of FHCA. If a permanent marker is not placed within one year, the FHCA will order a flat marker and have it placed on the gravesite and send an invoice to the person responsible for the burial or current lot owner to cover the cost of the marker. The invoice will include an administrative fee. For inurnments in the columbarium, engraving of the niche door is required to be completed at the time of inurnment. The Cemetery cannot guarantee the security of any marker, tombstone, bench or niche door.

7. Forfeiture of Burial Rights – Non-payment of burial rights fees (lot purchase), grave opening fees or markers ordered by the FHCA for unmarked graves may result in the forfeiture of future burial rights in the cemetery at the discretion of the FHCA president.

8. Policy Revisions – Any and all extant Flint Hill Cemetery Association policies are incorporated herein by reference. These policies may change at any time, without notice, at the direction of the Trustees of Flint Hill Cemetery Association for the purposes of operating, managing and improving the Cemetery. Updated policies may be found at http://flinthillcemetery.org/cemeterypolicies.html.