Flint Hill Cemetery Association
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The 2020 Annual Meeting has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. A more detailed newsletter will be mailed to members in April 2020.

Welcome to the Flint Hill Cemetery Association
Photo courtesy of Jim Lewis.

Flint Hill Cemetery Operations Changes During the COVID-19 Crisis:
Flint Hill Cemetery is currently closed to all public gatherings of more than 10 people, in accordance with CDC guidelines. This includes all memorial services related to interments. The cemetery will remain open for visitation. Please limit visitations to less than 11 people per visit.

At this time, full sized vault burials can be accommodated. For the safety of the cemetery staff, the grave digger and funeral home managers, these burials must take place without a public memorial service; only a private memorial service with less than 11 people is currently permitted. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines of staying at least 6 feet away from each other.


Ashes interments, both in-ground and in the columbarium, have been placed on hold until we clear the COVID-19 crisis.

Lot Selection Consultations:
There may be circumstances where families need to choose a cemetery lot prior to a full casket burial. Because on-site lot consultation meetings typically involve close contact with immediate family members of the deceased, we are changing our procedure, temporarily, for burial site selection:

Please contact David Farmer, President of the cemetery, by sending an email to info@flinthillcemetery.com. In your email, please advise if you are looking for one site, or two, the date of interment that is being planned, and include your phone number in the email. David will forward your request to our support team.


Our support team will contact you with options that will address your needs and will email you a map with the location of the options identified. After you select one or two options from the map, our support team will visit the cemetery ahead of the family and mark the sites with traffic cones. Pictures will be taken of markers close to the available sites and those will be emailed to you so you can easily find the site.


If possible, then visit the cemetery with your family and confirm your selection back to our support team. Our support team can assist you via phone while you are in the cemetery. If necessary, we will conduct an on-site lot consultation, but only if very strict distancing rules are agreed and adhered to.


We regret instituting these policies right now, but our highest concern is everyone’s health and safety. We look forward to a return to our normal operating procedures. Please stay safe and healthy during this crisis.


Flint Hill Cemetery, located in Oakton, Virginia, is believed to be one of the oldest community cemeteries in Fairfax County. Dating back to 1852, it was originally known as the Flint Hill Burial Ground, when Oakton was known as Flint Hill.


In 1875, the Flint Hill Cemetery Association (FHCA) was formed to administer the cemetery. As of May 2012, the cemetery holds the remains of more than 2,300 people.  Here rest many of the surrounding area's most prominent civilian and military figures, including many from the American Civil War.  At least 26 Civil War veterans are buried in the cemetery, including four of Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby’s Rangers.  To this day, Flint Hill Cemetery is managed by volunteers that make up the FHCA.

On 27 October 2012, a Civil War Trails marker was dedicated in honor of those 26 veterans.  Please visit the Civil War Trails Marker sub-page of the "History" tab. 

Photo courtesy of Jim Lewis.
Tombstone of Confederate Solider Cpl. Jacob Wright, Co. I, 8th Va. Inf.; the inscription portrays the conflict many had during the American Civil War.
The inscription states, "I should not like to be a slave, and it would be wrong for me to inflict on another what I would not like for myself."